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Entry #7

so guess what........HALO REACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2011-01-13 23:45:57 by welcometogoodburger

so guess what??? ima huge nerd now!!! lol jk but i just got xbox live like before christmas (like a week before, and yes i know im EXTREMELY late in getting it) but ive had halo reach for a while before getting live. after getting live i ranked up quickly and made tons of freinds. ive started a team called TerrorForce with 2 of my freinds and guess what else? WERE HIRING!! if youd like to join please send me a freind request (my tag is SOP1leader) followed by a message expressing interest in the team. please note that we do NOT do MLG or many arena battles so only apply if looking for some fun with freinds (maybe team slayer, community slayer, infection, co-op campaign, firefight, etc.) we dont play like hardcore stic-up-the-ass motherfuckers either so dont apply if your a total douche about dying/losing. lastly, all that is required for the team (if accepted) is that your service tag be TFC followed by a number, that your emblem be the same as ours, and that you can AT LEAST make some kills in a match. other than that, you should do fine :) thank you and till next time...cheers!!!

so guess what........HALO REACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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